Market Day – Fundraising idea

A big thank you to Marilyn Harrigan who represented Ballys Patch at the latest BVCC Meeting (last Wednesday). Marilyn gave a report on our progress so far and all were very impressed! 

The Community Centre are having a Market Day on Saturday 3rd August; we would be quite welcome to have a table set up to promote our garden at a cost of $20.00.  The set up could include a cake stall to fundraise for the project as well as being promotional. Of course, this is also supportive of the organisation under which Bally’s Patch operates – the BVCC.

Please comment on your thoughts and availability below.

5 thoughts on “Market Day – Fundraising idea

  1. A stall at the markets would be a great way to spread the news of Ballys Patch and I would be very happy to help out on 3rd August as well as making something to sell there. I believe the markets start at 9, however I will only be available from 11 am onwards. Erika

  2. Thanks Erika. I agree it’s a great idea and I could also make something to sell there, however unfortunately I cannot be there at the stall on that day. I hope we can get a few people together for the day. Rebecca

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