Initiation to a cake stall

My children are not yet at school age. So, while I love cooking, my experience preparing for a cake stall is, well….I have none. Lucky then, my initiation into the cake stall business, came under experienced guidance from those who have been through many years of school fetes.

We quickly pulled together those in our Bally’s Patch team, who were available to cook / man the stall at the Balgownie Village Community Centre Market Day last Saturday.

I must admit, I was sceptic. I whole heartedly support the BVCC (not to mention Bally’s Patch), and already mentioned my love of cooking (ditto everyone who contributed), but I questioned how effective a cake stall could really be. I even joked with one of our team, while planning what time to set up, that there was little chance people would be lining up at 9am ready to flock in the doors, “so we’ll have plenty of time”. Ha!

How wrong I was!


My scepticism was quickly diminishing, but lingered as I realised we had two tables full of cakes, slices, sausage rolls, and so many delicious goodies. (We only had one table).

By 9.30am all scepticism was gone. By 11am all sausage rolls were gone.

The stall was a huge success, to which I thank … Marilyn & Phill Harrigan, Irene & Gary Griffiths and Sam David, and all the locals who bought our cakes and supported our project! Bally’s Patch will thank us with fresh flowers, fruit and veg in months to come. Not only did we raise $403, but the exposure and support for the Bally’s Patch project that came from a small cake stall caught me by surprise.

Just a few pics below amidst the rush of buyers at the stall…

The Christmas Market Day awaits us – Saturday November 30. 9am – 2pm. I know there are others who are interested to help out so lets get those two tables this time!

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