Fruit glut – can we help?

Below your will see an email from Wollongong City Council. Please take a moment to read through. You can comment below this post, or email us at to express your thoughts on this very interesting and potentially rewarding concept.

“Increasingly we’re fielding enquiries from older residents with fruit falling from mature trees that they are unable to deal with. Council is looking into setting up a trial project matching keen volunteers with these residents, and people with preserving/cooking skills, to close the loop. But this won’t start till next Autumn. Miriam of Balgownie is currently dealing with a massive glut of oranges, and has mature plum and peaches coming on. Is Bally’s Patch interested in being connected with her?”

2 thoughts on “Fruit glut – can we help?

  1. Once Bally’s Patch fruit trees are established and harvest is possible, I would love to think a food swap day would be great for instances like this where the glut of oranges can be swapped for the Bally’s Patch varied fruit harvest. Swappers like Miriam can deposit their stuff and then ‘shop’ from the table of stuff left by others and from Bally’s Patch itself.

  2. What an opportunity. I am not sure what licensing you need but we could sell any extra fruit from Balley’s Patch with a donation box (similar to buying jam on a country road!). Another idea would be to see if the local convenience store would want to sell them and we go 50/50 in any profits. Either way I would be happy to get involved. James

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