Dates, parties & plots

As we approach the first anniversary of receiving the license to use the land which we now know as Bally’s Patch (has it really been a year?!), please take a look below at the latest information. Hope to see you all at our next working bee & party!

Working Bee

Our next working bee will be held on Sunday December 7 from 9am

Pending tasks include :

  • marking out, laying cardboard for circular veggie beds
  • installing “FLORA” our garden scarecrow and her sign, kindly donated by
  • completion of the base of the shed, and installation of tool chest
  • begin compost bin system
  • an end of year / holiday season party! See below for more detail

Please bring:

  • hat, suncream, water & holiday cheer!
  • cardboard boxes and newspaper
  • gloves

End of year / holiday season party

To mark the end of the year, 12 months since our license approval (and all that we have accomplished in that time!), and the Christmas/holiday season we would like to invite you to join us for a BBQ on site from 12.30pm on Sunday Dec 7 – after the working bee.

BYO drinks.

RSVP December 1 (for BBQ catering purposes)

All welcome. Word is – there may be a visit from someone familiar who wears a red suit. Get your lists ready kids!

Expressions of interest for allotments

We are taking expressions of interest for coming allotments. Large circular beds will be divided into ‘wedges’, located on the NW side of the easement currently dividing the block. Each allotment will be available for rent, where all funding raised will go back into the development of Bally’s Patch. Rental costs are TBC. Allotments will be approximately 1-2m2. Please use the form below to express your interest so we can gather numbers.

4 thoughts on “Dates, parties & plots

  1. Hi Guys,
    Unfortunately I am away the weekend of the working bee and xmas party. I hope you get a great turn out!
    James Moore

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Glenn and I’ll be there for the working bee and party. We may be a little late though – possibly around 10am?
    Jill McG

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