Bally’s Patch Compost

Can you contribute to our compost system?

Have you got any newspapers? sawdust? dried leaves? Bring them down to the site anytime and add them to the “brown” waste bin.

Our mixed (pink) compost bin is looking good and having regular feeds of fruit & veg scraps and grass clippings. But is in need of brown (carbon-rich) waste to balance it. Our brown bin in currently empty and we need a regular supply of green and brown waste to add to each bucket of food waste added to our mixed bin.

You can read more about how our compost system works here.

3 thoughts on “Bally’s Patch Compost

  1. Hi Rebecca, I’ll bring some newspapers up this afternoon. Cheers Ross

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    1. Thanks Ross that would be great. If you could shred them (just by hand is fine) that will help them to break down quicker. Cheers

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