Start picking!

Need a bit of mizuna for a salad? Oregano for a stew? Parsley with your fish? 
Our communal herbs beds (plots 5 & 6) have taken off with the warmer weather and it’s time to start picking! 🌱 

 Chives, oregano, French sorrel (yum!!) parsley, mizuna, lettuce (perpetual picking varieties) & rocket…but the various spinach varieties need a few more weeks so please hold off on that, as do the butter lettuce.

Share and share a like friends – just be sure to leave some for the next person. Also please be mindful that plots 1,2,3,4 are private plots.

This will be our first ‘real’ crop from Ballys Patch so enjoy it!! 

Following this feast…snow peas will come along, fennel, strawberries, radish and much more! 

Next working bee is Sunday October 11 from 9am.

2 thoughts on “Start picking!

  1. Thanks Rebecca, I’m a bit confused – you say we could pick from plots 1 & 2 but at the end of the note you say that plots 1,2,3&4 are private. Help! Cheers Ross

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