“Oh, it’s going to be a good brew!”

For a couple of hours on Saturday morning, a team of Bally’s Patch-ers made our first hot compost, and as Malcolm, our compost coordinator put it: “It’s going to be a good brew!”. 

You will now see a large pile of mixed green and brown ingredients (grass clippings, straw, shredded paper, dried leaves, all topped with diluted molasses) working its magic to become rich crumbly hummus. We will add to this with further green and brown ingredients in two weeks (date/time TBC), before leaving it to cook for a few weeks more.

We also gathered all of the existing mixed compost and put it into the black compost bins ready for more compost cooking.

Finally, the weed tea was strained and some was used to feed the hungry blueberries, strawberries and climbing beans, with 6L left for future use! Interested in making weed tea at home? (It’s free fertiliser) then follow this:

Weed Tea 101

  1. Weed the garden
  2. Put the weeds in a bucket and drown them with water
  3. Cover and leave for 4-6 weeks
  4. Open the lid and you should have a thick brown sludgy muck
  5. Strain the sludge and gunk and add it to your compost, along with the drowned weeds
  6. You are left with concentrated fertiliser! To use, dilute it one part fertiliser to ten parts water.

For more info, follow this link to ABC Gardening Australia’s Weed Tea Fact Sheet.

A big thanks to Malcolm for leading the day, as well as kindly donating straw and molasses to make a really “good brew”!

5 thoughts on ““Oh, it’s going to be a good brew!”

  1. Hi Rebecca, hope you survived the hail. Haven’t been to the Patch but I imagine there will be quite a bit of damage.

    Do you know if the Dec working bee is on 5th or 6th Dec? Christmas diary bookings filling fast.

    Cheers Malcolm


    1. Hi Malcolm that was a cracker! We survived. I had a quick scan of the site and everything seems OK! Even your dainty new basil is still standing strong. Yay 😀. Not sure yet of the dec working bee- we wanted to get as many there as possible so we thought late Sat afternoon Dec 5 may be best. Say 3pm with a 5pm Xmas BBQ? Thoughts?

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I have made contact and established that we can purchase from them and receive a discount of around 5% but the very best thing is they will deliver free of charge, for orders over $30.

    I’ve have found their prices very reasonable and quality good. Their service is also very good. They are a local family business.

    To set up an account with them, they will need to know the key contact information (name, mailing address) and the names of people authorised to make the purchases. They do COD or pay by credit card.

    Can you send me this info and I will email Aaron at the business with the details. He will then set it all up.

    Cheers Malcolm


  3. Compost: The tale of the shrinking compost pile. The heat generated this week has been very good and given the shrinkage, it is clearly very active. After the main rain clears, could you take the cover off please? Also given the shrinkage, we will need to add a lot more material to have enough to build a good base layer for the communal bed. I am keen to get the base layer right as it will determine the future prospects for the garden, it’s all about getting the soil right. So, I think we need to press ahead with the materials drive and a group of people to build the pile. I have a bag of pelletised chook poo which I can drop off next week. We then need grass clippings and brown material especially straw or the like.

    I’m away for the next 2 weekends but I am around Tue to Thurs of next week. Maybe we could try for a mid week working group if we can get the materials.

    December Working bee: Any news on the date??? I’m trying to manage around other requests at the moment.

    Off to Brissie in the morning.

    Cheers Malcolm Mob: 0417 660 415


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