Working bee Sunday Feb 7

Next Sunday February will be the first Bally’s Patch working bee for 2016!

Work will be begin on site at 7.30am (to beat the heat), however you are welcome to join us anytime from then that suits you. Work will conclude around 11am.

A schedule of some events to be hosted on the day is listed below. Lots of opportunities for learning, socialising and gardening! All are welcome.

February 7 working bee scheduled events:

Working bee start: 7.30am at Bally’s Patch, Church Street, Balgownie
Sweetcorn & Sunflower seed planting: 8.30am with Rebecca 
A great task for the kids, we will plant sweetcorn and sunflower seeds (two good friends in the garden!) into the new large communal bed.
Morning Tea: 9.30am with everyone.
A great opportunity to meet some new faces, take a rest from the weeding tool and stretch your back! Please bring cold drinks and/or some morning tea (that won’t be destroyed if it is a hot day!)

Composting workshop: 10am with Malcolm
Our composting king will be demonstrating the process of combining raw materials to make the perfect compost, as well as giving great tips about making and using compost. 
Harvest: approx 10.30am
There is more than it may seem on site to harvest, right now! We will pick and share everything available. Happy harvesting!

Other items on the to-do list:

  • Weeding the eastern boundary. That dreaded cooch and nut grass has come back with a vengeance. We will try a combination manual labour to remove the weeds, as well as black plastic to kill it off with heat. Fingers crossed!
  • Stake tomatoes. There is a large selection of tomato varieties just on the brink of producing its first fruit all throughout the garden which needs stakes now or never.
  • Join our watering team. Despite a lot of rain this past month we still need help watering to maintain new seedlings and provide good harvest from growing crops – especially citrus at this time of year. Have a chat with one of our friendly committee members if you have 30 minutes spare per week to join the watering team.
  • Install new compost signs. With thanks to Aspiration Graphics for our new compost signage, we are ready to replace the temporary laminated signs on each of the compost bays.
  • Plant comfrey on southern grass edge. Malcolm has kindly propagated more comfrey seedlings (a plant that is like gold for the compost, and once big enough, will help stop the grass runners creeping into the garden bed)

Please bring:

  • Suncream
  • Cold drinks
  • Morning tea
  • Hat
  • Gloves

Join our Facebook event page here.

With plenty to do, lots of info to share and learn, and a ton to take home and eat, we hope to see lots of new and regular faces at Bally’s Patch on Sunday Feb 7, from 7.30am!

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