Good news, not-so-good news and an AGM

Of course, the good news first…..

Council have approved in principle our application and are progressing with the licensing agreement! There are a few minor changes to make to the design relating to where features are placed in accordance with flood levels. Hopefully within weeks, we have the license to use the land and begin planning our construction. A meeting will be scheduled prior to this.

Not-so-good news…. 

The “Our Neighbourhood” grant we applied for through Australia Post has unfortunately been declined. On the up-side there are many more grants we can continue to apply for as well as in-kind offers to get us started. If you have any ideas, contacts or avenues to pursue for funding please let me know.


The Balgownie Village Community Centre will be holding their AGM on Wednesday October 2 at 7.15pm. The invitation to this meeting is below. It would be great to show our support for the organisation under which Bally’s Patch operates. Please reply direct to the BVCC if you can attend. 

BVCC Invite 2013

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