Lets get planning! Christmas Market fundraiser

While council are finalising details of the licensing agreement for the site, there are many things we can do to get prepared for Bally’s Patch….

– grow seedlings for communal spaces

– collect supplies for composting

– get creative and make some ‘garden art’

– fundraise!

The BVCC Christmas Markets are fast approaching on Saturday November 30 (9am-2pm). Each market day, the BVCC offer the barbecue rights to a different not for profit organisation. This time, they have kindly offered it to us. This is a great opportunity to further our exposure and also raise some funds – the BBQ is always a hit!

Before committing to this (on top of the table already booked for a cake stall) we need to collate numbers of those who can contribute to either the cake stall and/or the BBQ. Could you please reply (before Sunday October 27) to this post or email balgowniecommunitygarden@gmail.com with what are you able to commit to for this event. All help is of course, very much appreciated.

Please also include what times you would be available on the day.

– baking (think Christmas goodies)

– manning the BBQ

– preparing food supplies for the BBQ

– manning the cake stall

– set up/clean up for BBQ or cake stall

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Marilyn Harrigan who has attended the BVCC monthly meetings as our Bally’s Patch representative and is now on the BVCC committee also. Thank you Marilyn!

One thought on “Lets get planning! Christmas Market fundraiser

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I’m sorry we have been a bit slack in recent weeks in regards to the community garden, especially in my capacity of secretary! Now that the major work on our house is finished and we’ve had our R&R in Melbourne, I would like to get a bit more active in the project. We will both be available on 30th November to help man the BBQ (Brad) and the cake stall (me), and I would also be happy to make some Xmas (or other) goodies to sell. Any time of the day would be OK with me, so just slot me in to whatever time is a bit light on………..I can stay all day if necessary. Brad will get back to you about when he will be free.

    Re the membership form ……… well done! I think you have covered everything. Is there anything I can do to take the weight off your shoulders now that I’m free again?

    By the way, I took the rug back to Aldi the next day after I bought it. I liked the pattern but I thought its quality was a bit cheap and nasty. I guess you get what you pay for!

    Cheers Erika

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