We have lift off…

And a rain water tank too!

Yes, our first tangible instalment has arrived on site – a 3000L rain water tank – and it is full. Saturday put on a spectacular autumn day for John, Phill & Peter to build a base and install the tank on the southern boundary of the block.

On a personal note, I find it extremely gratifying to see what was a circle on paper – come to life after 18 months of planning. And I didn’t even pick up a tool! A huge thank you to John, Phill & Peter for their efforts; not to mention for coordinating the Colourbond colour with the existing fence. Well planned boys! A particular thank you to John’s company -Build Wrights – for donating the tank, and assisting with the sourcing of materials for the platform.

No doubt once the garden is fully established this tank will not be great enough capacity to supply the entire garden, however it is a starting point and we can add from here. This tank will be fed from a shelter shed in the SE corner. Plans for this to be built are in the next few weeks.

You will also notice on site, the grass has had a haircut on the front (West) and South boundaries. This is in preparation for the garden beds to be established in the next few weeks; after the grass dies off. Natives will be planted as a screen on the south boundary, and a low hedge on the street front to delineate the garden. We will call for volunteers to help with the planting once a date is confirmed.

Remember – memberships to Bally’s Patch are now open! You can access the form here


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