Bally’s Patch: Day 1

Well, its not really Day 1. Its actually more like Day 485, but who’s counting?

Our first “official” Bally’s Patch committee meeting was held over the weekend and I am thrilled to share our upcoming events and plans. [Have a look at our new “events” field on the left hand column of this page.] Our committee discussed items such as finances, membership, fundraising, our first working bee and installation of initial infrastructure. From this meeting I can confirm:

Bally’s Patch annual memberships available now! Click here for more info

First working bee is coming! (pending rain tank installation, garden bed prep and native purchasing over the next few weeks). We hope to have garden beds prepared for the southern and western boundaries and planted with natives before the weather gets too bitter. A date for this will be confirmed – gets your gumboots out!

A temporary sign outlining Bally’s Patch developments, contacts, etc will be erected on site. This will be replaced by a more permanent solution as funding becomes available.

Bally Hotel to sponsor Bally’s Patch. All members will receive a sponsorship card for use at the bar and bistro of Bally Hotel; 20% of all spending will be reimbursed to Bally’s Patch. A great incentive! All sponsors and donators are listed on our Garden Angels page here


Thank you to our enthusiastic committee, and the on going support from everyone who has expressed interested in this project. We are so close now! 

2 thoughts on “Bally’s Patch: Day 1

  1. Thanks for this Rebecca,

    Congratulations and well done on your first official meeting. Elisa and I will both be joining as members. I tried to open the membership form, however was unsuccessful in doing so. Are you able to send me the form as an attachment?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Gloria my apologies you cannot open the attachment. Is there an error message or the link simply does not work? I will email it to you but want to fix the problem if others are also having trouble. Thanks

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