Are we there yet?

There is a strange parallel between my personal circumstance right now, and that of Bally’s Patch. Just when I thought our community garden was ‘official’ and we would be ready to start new life on site, an extra four or so weeks have been added to the timeline.

[For those who don’t otherwise know, I am now 40 weeks pregnant]

None-the-less it is all part of the process, and often the process is as important as the outcome. Many of you would have noticed a sign has been placed on site notifying the neighbourhood of the proposal for a licence for a community garden on council-owned community land. This notification period will conclude on February 26, and pending no objections, our licence agreement will then be official.

Despite this, there are things happening on site – namely a few tonne of mulch, and a very well-priced rain water tank which will appear in the next week or so (thanks John and Jedda!)

Our committee plans to meet in the first week of March to finalise topics such a funding, our bank account, construction planning & development and garden fees. Following this, we will extend an invite to all those who have expressed interest in Bally’s Patch (and there are many of you!) to join us for our first ‘working bee’. The start of new life for the block!

Some exciting news is that by merging with the team known as the Fairy Meadow Fruit Tree Grove (which was an unfortunately unsuccessful council-initiated venture at Guest Park) we not only have some enthusiastic new members who will join us, but we also have some funding from council, tools, and a great learning experience from this Fairy Meadow project.

In the next few weeks please continue to share you ideas, thoughts, and suggestions with us all!

Until next time….[when I have no doubt there will be a new community garden and a new baby.]


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