Update from THE PATCH

IMG_0363If you have wandered by the site, you will have noticed our newest addition – an official sign! It is attracting much attention, and has easily withstood these awful westerly winds (as well as the kick of a football from my nephew). Thanks to Phill, Brad and Peter who put in a spare few hours last weekend to set this into the ground. You can have a look at more photos here.





Along with this, we have had a generous and creative donation from the kids at Kindy Korner Children’s Services. Let me introduce you to Flora! Flora is a tall lady, with a slim waist, dark eyebrows, luscious red lips and long blonde curly hair. She will work hard to keep the birds off our crops! The kids had a wonderful time making this scarecrow- the creativity was flowing! We will confirm a date when Flora will be installed on site and will invite the Kindy Korner children to join us in showing Flora her new home. A special thank you to all the wonderful children and teachers at Kindy Korner for their efforts in making Flora, it was such fun!



While your attention is here, thank you for all of those who have offered to collect newspaper and/or cardboard for the site. We ask if you could please keep this at home until our next working bee, rather than leaving it on site. Wind, rain and nothing to store these items in make it unsuitable to leave onsite prior to use.

Lastly, a reminder memberships to Bally’s Patch are now available. Click here for more info. Once you have submitted your membership you are entitled to a sponsorship card for the Balgownie Hotel. 20% of all money spent will be reimbursed to Bally’s Patch, so it is a great fundraising method. If you have not already received your card please see Erika or Brad Lloyd either by contacting them on the details below or you can wait until our next working bee when sponsorship cards will be distributed to members.

Until next time….do a rain dance!


Brad Lloyd (Treasurer) & Erika Lloyd (Secretary)
18 Church St, Balgownie. 2519
0413 862 865

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