Recruiting for our cake stall

Before moving onto the purpose of this post, I walked through the garden today and much to my surprise our (deciduous) pomegranate tree has new leaves all over it! Hoorah! The mild temperatures must have won out over the destructive winds. Phew.

Coming up on Saturday August 30 is the next BVCC Market Day at which Bally’s Patch will have a cake stall to raise further funding.

Are you available to bake and/or man the stall?

The market day doors will be open from 9am-2pm, with set up starting at 8am. If you are available to contribute please complete the form below. Thanks in advance.

One thought on “Recruiting for our cake stall

  1. Hi Rebecca – our apologies, we will not be able to attend the Bally’s Market Day. We are in Sydney on this day, however would love to bake something for the event.

    Our regards,
    Gloria and Elisa Dalla Valle

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