Herbs, compost and what to do with them

We had another very successful working bee on Sunday March 29, with spectacular autumn weather.
Paving is now complete on the east and south sides of the shed; our compost system is ready and waiting for your food scraps, and we have two communal herb beds full of herbs as well as an understory full of edible shrubs and ground covers in our food forest.
Communal herb beds
  • Beds 5 & 6 are communal herb beds full of tarragon, oregano, thyme, lemon thyme, dill, thai basil, parsley and more!
  • Please hold off on picking any herbs until they have established a good root system, and are producing a plentiful supply. This will take anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the herb.
  • Once they are producing a good supply, we will work on a honesty system where members are welcome to pick herbs as they please. This can either be at working bees, or day-to-day as required, keeping in mind enough should be left for us all to share.
  • As they are establishing their new homes they will need watering. The water tank is full so if we have not had rain and you are walking/driving by – bring your watering can and give them a good drink!
  • A big thank you to Irene Griffiths, Cath Chisolm, Malcolm Harley & Erika Lloyd for donating herbs from their own gardens.
Food Forest
  • In our communal food forest you will find many fruit trees growing happily – lemon, lime, plum, orange, mandarin, and many more. We have culled any crop growing on them this season (and will continue to do this for at least one more year) in order to encourage the trees to grow a bigger and more healthy crop in following years.
  • The understory of this forest now includes lemongrass, nasturtium, thyme, tarragon, and a collection of other low growing shrubs and ground covers. As with the herb beds, please do not harvest these until they have set roots in their new positions.
  • Jedda Lemmon our compost coordinator spoke about how our compost system works, and how you can contribute your food scraps from home into the system. If you missed the talk or would like to know more, view the video below or have a look at our Compost Page. Thanks Jedda!

See you at our next working bee on Sunday May 31

2 thoughts on “Herbs, compost and what to do with them

    1. Hi Loren sorry for the delayed reply! We actually have quite a few clumps of lemongrass already in the garden and have intentionally left space for other fruit trees we have on back order. Do you mind holding off or finding a new home for it until these extra trees arrive?

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