Working bee this Sunday

We hope you can join us from 9am this Sunday May 31 for our last-day-of-Autumn working bee.

Sundays tasks include

  • Moving mulch to mark our new pathways, second veg garden bed & gravity-fed tap line
  • Weeding (we have lots of onion weed setting seed which needs attention)
  • Turning, airing compost
  • Thin parsley seedlings – replant as borders in food forest
  • Cut back syzygiums, psyllid treatment required

All are welcome. Bring your gloves, good humour and a chair to stay for lunch. Two of our members have kindly offered to make a winter warming soup for us to enjoy after our morning of work. Yum!

*If you have any disposable cups suitable for soup, please bring them along.

See you Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Working bee this Sunday

  1. Rebecca, I have a Lady Finger banana plant (I got it from the North Gong Garden) that I haven’t got around to planting. Would it be of any interest to the Patch (donation of course)? If so, I’ll also donate some manure and compost to aid planting. It would need a spot with the least wind affectation as possible e.g. the Nth Eastern Cnr.



    Sharon & Malcolm Harley

    Ph: SH – 0403 042 687

    Ph: MH – 0417 660 415

    Home: 0242 831590


    1. Ooh I like the sound of that. We had originally opted out of getting a regular banana plant as we were worried about it attracting vermin. Do you have any experience with this? Is the lady finger banana an exception in attracting vermin? What do the north gong garden find with theirs? Lots of questions but it’s a very kind offer from you.The nth East corner can get a bit boggy but from memory bananas like wet feet? If you have any answers let me know and I’ll run it by the others so we can plant it Sunday. Thanks again

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    We have 4 wooden pallet bases left over from delivering telephone books. Phil Harrigan suggested that they may be of use for the garden?

    1. Hi Jill, ooh yes! Do you know if they are hardwood and untreated? We plan to use them to build compost bays, however if they are treated we cant use them, and we will get more life out of them if they are hardwood (rather than pine).

      1. I think they are both hardwood and untreated – but I’m not really an expert on these matters….
        Glenn said Phil looked at them and thought they’d be OK.

      2. Well that sounds great then! Let’s talk more on Sunday- do you mind keeping them at your place for a couple of weeks?

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