Winter warming working bee

We had a chilly start (13 degrees!) at 9am this morning. However we quickly warmed up.

…Some were digging a trench, and dodging some remnant and very nice smelling, camphor laurel roots.

…Some were thinning and replanting a few hundred flat-leaf parsley seedlings which we recently germinated from seed.

…Some were planting a collection of welcome new plants to add to our food forest.

…Some were treating a few unwelcome pests and diseases on our plants.

…Some were moving mulch to define our new meandering pathways.

…Some were crawling around eating a healthy mixture of dirt and chocolate crackles.

And we all enjoyed some delicious soup and homemade bread!

Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun and work today, and to Malcolm Harley, Gary Griffiths and Erika Lloyd who kindly cooked the soup and fresh bread, yum!

The Bally’s Patch project is really coming together now – both in a physical and social sense. My daughter said to me this afternoon “I wish we had a working bee every Sunday!” and I think that sums up the atmosphere nicely.

Our next working bee is on Sunday August 2, however we may have some odd jobs prior to then which we will let you know about.  Until then, keep warm!

3 thoughts on “Winter warming working bee

  1. Many thanks to you too Rebecca for baking a such a delicious sour dough bread to eat with the soup. Also thanks to Tania for the delicious home cooked crostoli.

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