Let there be water!

On the northern boundary of Bally’s Patch, just past the compost bins you will see a new tap that has popped up out of the ground. IMG_2302

This is a gravity fed underground line that runs from the rainwater tank next to the shed. Our intention here was to bring water access closer to the veggie beds that need watering more regularly than the growing food forest.

A big thanks to Phill Harrigan and Brad Lloyd who completed the job this week, and to many who helped dig the trench at last weeks working bee.

As always, be water wise. Vegetable gardens do not need to be watered more than once a day, in most cases every other day or as little as twice a week is enough. In the warmer months especially, be sure to water in the cooler part of the day (before 9am or after 6pm).

Let there be water!

Ps. Another, larger (communal) circular veggie bed is planned for the space immediately south of this tap – east of the existing circular bed.


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