Winter warmth

We were lucky enough to get a rare day of warm (very warm!) winter sunshine today which made for a fantastic working bee day!

A big thanks to everyone who came down, brought their smiles, weeded, weeded, and then weeded some more. We also now have the iconic symbol of a community garden in Bally’s Patch; a compost bay built from palettes! As well as 3 bins full of composting goodness working their magic, and will be ready for use at our next working bee. If you have items to contribute to the compost system please contact us first as signage has not yet been added to label each bay.

We all enjoyed some delicious morning tea which was kindly brought and shared by many of our workers today. Thank you to everyone who shared food. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce Malcolm Harley as our new Compost Coordinator (aka “compost king”). Thanks Malcolm for your enthusiasm, dedication and expertise. Malcolm gave some great composting tips today which I missed capturing on video but I hope to be ready with the camera next working bee when more composting tips are unleashed!

Most talked about composting tip: coffee grinds are “green” compost ingredients.

The kids all had a ball today ripping up egg cartons! (And eating cakes).

In our two communal plots you will now find new seedlings of perpetual spinach, viking spinach, lettuce varieties, mizuna, oregano as well as additional herbs, fennel and peas in the food forest. Thanks to Elisa for donating the mizuna seedlings. It won’t take long for the seedlings, but hold off for a fortnight or so before picking, then harvest from the outer leaves first.

It was a wonderful day! More photos to come…

Next working bee:
Sunday October 11


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