Contributing to our compost?

If you have ingredients to contribute to our compost kingdom at Bally’s Patch, then read on…

We have three large bays housing compost ingredients. Temporary signage has been added to each bay, please ensure you add your ingredients to the correct bay, and if you see (or smell!) a problem with the composting system – tell someone about it so we can address the issue.

While we have lots of food scraps being added, we need your grass clippings, egg cartons and other green and brown ingredients. What have you got at home to add?



*Lift the hessian ‘lid’ from each bay, then add your ingredients to:

GREEN – grass clippings, garden cuttings, ground coffee

BROWN – dried leaves, egg cartons, shredded paper, small twigs, sawdust, hay, straw, lucerne

MIXED – fruit & veg scraps chopped up, egg shells **no meat, no dairy**

If you are adding to the mixed bay, please add an equal quantity of green and brown ingredients with your food scraps.

Cover the bay with the hessian lid again, and we thank you for your contribution!

In the north eastern corner of the site, we have 3 black compost bins working their magic.

Happy composting folks!


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