October 2015 Working Bee

With nippers back on for summer, along with other Sunday sports, and spectacular weather, numbers were small for our November working bee, but enthusiasm and effort did not slow!

A huge thanks to those who came down to Bally’s Patch on Sunday October 11.

  • Many weeds were taken care of
  • The first step towards our new pathways began (clearing and scraping back to ground level)
  • Our first load of compost was used to feed our hungry food forest
  • Communal herbs beds were harvested (yum!) and cut back ready for regrowth
  • Mulberries were tasted!

While I (Rebecca) was not able to be there, I did get my patch-fix later that afternoon by planting a few newly donated plants from Bunnings. You will find a mound of new strawberries central to the site (replacing the snow peas), along with two additional blueberries to form a hedge around the mandarin and kaffir lime trees in the food forest. A huge thanks to Bunnings for this kind donation – and more info on this will follow.

Along the eastern fence, I have donated two aloe vera’s. These not only produce a spectacular flower in winter, they are wonderfully soothing for summer sunburn! Be careful as they are quite spiky – hence, they are kept away from main areas. Lastly, the existing strawberries have been raised onto mounds for better drainage to avoid rotting.

Click here for October working bee photos

Look out for a hot composting session coming up for our new communal veggie patch!

Date for the Diary:
Our next working bee will be on either Saturday Dec 5 or Sunday Dec 6, and will include a Christmas/End of Year celebration. 

2 thoughts on “October 2015 Working Bee

  1. Nice update Rebecca. Unfortunately we could not make it either. If anyone would like any lettuce feel free to help yourselves to ours (we will never eat it all!). our plot is on the south west side.

    James & Georgia Moore

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