Thank you Bunnings!

A huge thank you to Bunnings Wollongong for their kind donation to Bally’s Patch. Each spring, Bunnings organise a “spring project” in the local area, where products (and often staff’s personal time) is given at no cost. 

On Thursday October 8, Sascha Hann & Nicole Wetzel brought with them bamboo stakes, climbing bean seeds and an additional and surprise box of veggie soil mix, marigolds, strawberries, blueberries & passionfruits – all on behalf of Bunnings Wollongong.

I am pleased to say, almost all donations have now been added to Bally’s Patch, and we are very grateful for this generous addition – watch them all grow over the coming months!

  • On the southern side of the site, nestled within the food forest, are two bean teepees, with climbing bean seeds now in the ground and companion planting of marigolds. Once these climbing beans grow, it will be a wonderfully shady hiding spot for kids, with a flowering border! Not to mention the bucket load of beans we hope to get!
  • At the centre of the site, three new strawberry plants have been added alongside the fennel and rocket. Left over sugar cane mulch has been added here to help keep these plants cool, and differentiate this area from the rest of the mulch.
  • Two new blueberry bushes have been added on the northern side of the main path to the shed, along with a marigold border on both side of this pathway. The bees will love the marigolds, and the colours will look stunning!

As for the passionfruits – we are on the hunt for some unused lattice, a screen door, a star-picket & wire set up, or anything else you can think of to grow (large) passionfruit vines on. If you have something we could use and are willing to donate, please let us know here.

We also trying to start a quirky collection of mint varieties. Along with our existing Spearmint, we now have Grapefruit Mint, and there are a whole lot more varieties out there! Bring along any cuttings, or seedlings you’d like to see added to Bally’s Patch.


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