Just as the year is coming to an end, Bally’s Patch is bursting with life and a number of new additions both in and out of the ground. 

  • On the eastern boundary you will now see a lattice structure, home to two Nelly Kelly passionfruits donated by Bunnings Wollongong back in October. Big thanks to Peter and Alexis for (digging some very deep holes) to install this! As well as to Malcolm for sourcing the lattice (great find) and to MRF constructions for kindly bringing the heavy load to site for us.
  • We have a bed full of seeds ready and waiting to germinate. This will provide us with a great seedling start to the new large communal bed. Thanks to Malcolm for planting many seeds from his own collection.
  • On file, we now have a hand drawn scale plan of Bally’s Patch (for any drafters reading this – no CAD was used!). This is in preparation for the pathways which will be added to the design of this site, as part of the CBP Funding we received, but is also a valuable record for the future. Phill Harrigan – thank you very much for your meticulous approach to this document. We will make a digital copy of this plan available on our website shortly. IMG_3539

If you have an idea or suggestion for Bally’s Patch let us know. As well, if you are on site early in the morning or late in the afternoon (before 9am or after 4pm), bring a watering can and give the garden a drink. It really needs it!

That’s all for now…I ask if you could all add some rain on your letters to Father Christmas please. 

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