So, this happened yesterday…


..and we couldn’t be happier!

Earlier this year Bally’s Patch applied for funding under the 2015 Community Building Partnership Program for the Keira Electorate. On Tuesday December 8, our committee was announced as successful, and presented with this certificate, along with a number of other not-for-profit community organisations and councils. We are very appreciative of the availability of programs such as this and grateful for the support from our local MP Ryan Park.

This funding will allow for decomposed granite pathways throughout the site, a variety of seating and some spectacularly hand-crafted additions to the garden (more to come on this!). We hope that these additions to our infrastructure will help encourage the community to use Bally’s Patch as a peaceful, inspiring and educational space for many years to come!

I would like to personally thank our treasurer and secretary Brad & Erika Lloyd who contributed greatly to the writing of this application. As well as to thank our hard working committee and members who have discussed many topics, laid tons of sheets of newspaper, filled a few hundred wheelbarrows of mulch, dug plenty of holes, planted a spectacular selection of plants, and so much more to help develop this great project for our community.

Our community is all the better for people like YOU!

Keep an eye out for more information in early 2016, as we get started working on this exciting addition of infrastructure for Bally’s Patch.


Photos can be found here


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