Happy holidays!

What a wonderful afternoon we had on Saturday for our final 2015 working bee and Christmas party! Check out the photos here.

Big thanks to Irene Griffiths for being our documentary photographer!

Thanks also to a very productive working bee we now have:

  • a HUGE new communal veggie bed bursting with ‘Black Gold’ goodness! Just imagine when we start growing in it, the plants will be jumping out of the ground!
  • won the battle with the weeds which were quickly taking over the site. Thanks to the method of ‘Pete’s Sandwich’s”, the nutrients the weeds take from the soil will be replaced back into the soil and (hopefully) the weeds will die off.
  • planted 12 new natives, and 1 perennial fruiting shrub, kindly donated by Wollongong Botanic Garden. This will help give the food forest a canopy and ground cover level in a short period of time.
  • added rosemary to our front hedge (kindly donated by Peter – a new member)
  • added 16 new curly parsley seedlings to the communal veggie beds as a small way to say thanks to Graze Butchers Balgownie for their many kind donations for our working bee BBQ’s. (Think of all the curly parsley you see in the butchers window!)
  • a great looking edge to stop the grass runners invading our garden beds!
  • had a visit from Santa! Woohoo! Thanks to santa for making the big trip from the North Pole.
  • an early Christmas present from Santa – sunflower seeds to be planted in a dedicated ‘kids area’ of the garden!
  • a wonderfully supportive and growing community of gardeners and friends

2016 diary dates

2016 working bee dates are listed below, as well as on the home page of our blog. We have organised working bee’s on a Sunday every 6 weeks for 2016, as our garden is much more productive now and needs more regular care than our current 8 week window.

  • 7 February
  • 20 March
  • 1 May
  • 12 June
  • 24 July
  • 4 September
  • 16 October
  • 4 December

Along with these dates we will organise a compost team, as well as a watering team to regularly maintain these two key areas of the garden. If you are interested in helping with either of these areas please email us here.

IMG_3420We encourage you and everyone in our community to enjoy, and benefit from, Bally’s Patch outside of working bee’s as well. Bally’s Patch is a space for everyone, anytime. My gift to the garden for Christmas is this “to-do” list (which will have a whiteboard attached to it, and will live on the inside wall of the shed). Naturally, people can’t always attend out working bee’s, but still want to contribute. If you are in need of some gardening therapy, or a place to let the kids get dirty, come down to Bally’s Patch and check out the list of what needs to be done. If physical work is not for you, then just enjoy the growing beauty of the garden! Anytime you like.

On behalf of the Bally’s Patch committee, we wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas & New Year.

We look forward to seeing you again as we continue to grow in 2016!


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